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What to expect if you join our clubs?

...a bunch of mindfulness games and meditations

Being in the now and being aware of the moment is a skill.  An essential life skill. It can be acquired by regular practice in our clubs and at home. During our sessions you have the chance to get acquainted with and practise various really simple but powerful techniques. 

Taken home and practised regularly, these greatly contribute to improve your focus. Training your attention, such as taking care of your body on a daily basis, is instrumental in your mental and physical well-being as well. 

...a stress- and judgment-free zone strengthening your immune system

If you can breathe, you are also capable of  paying attention to your breathing. Consequently, you are able to meditate. Simple as that.

However, by befriending your breath you might notice that unawareness is everywhere. That's alright. That's where the journey starts. Judging or criticizing is completely pointless as capturing the moment is simple but not always easy. It takes time and a little patience. Nevertheless, it's worth it: you develop through mental training meanwhile.

As an effective aid in the treatment of several physical and mental health issues, enhancing your concentration through mindfulness meditation has wide-ranging benefits documented by a great many scholars, therapists and educators.

...online group sessions and one-to-one coaching

Mindfulness clubs are 45-minute and 90-minute long meetings organized 

  • for children (5-11yo),
  • for teens (12-16yo), 
  • for primary and secondary schools as after-school clubs,
  • for college and uni students, and 
  • for adults

in order to cultivate mindfulness practices and live a full life