Why to practise mindfulness?

Practice Makes Perfect

Practising mindfulness on a weekly basis in a small group and doing home practice regularly supports and enhances not only learning and  emotional intelligence, but also improves relationships.

Fun Activities

What we practise during our club sessions is noticing what comes through our senses during activities in order to be fully present in an easy and playful way, which increases not only self-awereness, but self-esteem as well.

An Adventure of Discovery

Every moment is new. We encourage club participants to contact with this moment. With the feelings, thoughts and body sensations while being open, curious, generous and without an immediate opinion.

Boosting Well-being

In addition to numerous scientifically proven beneficial effects regarding physical health, mindfulness also makes us feel more tranquil and peaceful, fall asleep easily. Practitioners are able to quiet themselves and handle difficult emotions. 

Enhancing Potential

An increased concentration and memory boost accompanies developed creativity and imagination as a result of doing regular mindfulness exercises. During an 8-week span of mindfulness course there are actual functional and structural changes to the brain for the better.

An Essential Life Skill

Stress and difficulties are inevitably present in our life. As Jon Kabat-Zinn says "You can't stop the waves but you can learn to surf." Being able to notice, observe and deal with their feelings, thoughts and reactions empower us to learn to surf and live a full life.

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