School Clubs in North-London

Primary After-School Clubs

"Children come to see their own minds in a new light and realize that their minds matter. This makes a difference to how they'll learn. It reinforces the enjoyment and impact of the experiences of learning.

Daniel J. Siegel, MD

Secondary After-School Clubs

"When we practise mindful awareness, we come to understand more about our minds. We recognise that our thoughts and feelings come and go, like ebb and tide. This awareness helps us manage our emotions better."

Daniel Goldman, PhD

College and Uni Clubs

"Every brain system we know about, whether it relates to the visual, auditory system, or language, is shaped by experience."

Helen Neville, PhD


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Discovering the wonders of mindfulness techniques

 By exploring mind-body connection through mindfulness practices participants not only have fun but discover new perspectives, which allow them to cultivate kindness, trust and handle difficult emotions better. 

Based on numerous mindfulness programs for kids, teens, adolescents, and adults it is not a question any more if mindfulness practices work or not. Their tremendously positive effect has been documented in thousands of publications and hopefully is experienced by millions of people all over the world.

As for schools and extra curricular activities, the most relevant impacts of Mindfulness Clubs are the following:

  • Better attention and concentration, memory boost
  • Increased academic and sport performance
  • Less absenteeism, aggression and rule-breaking 
  • Improved interpersonal skills
  • Enhanced ability to manage stress
  • Greater ability to adjust to change and make decisions

The mission of Mindfulness Clubs is simply to give participants the attention they need, guide them through Fun Activities so as to experience the above mentioned positive influence on their private, academic, work and social life. 

Breaking the chain of negative imprints and replacing them with a positive outlook usually takes time, however, practising mindfulness on a regular basis prevents us from acting on autopilot and empowers us with such an ability of self-regulation that is the fertile soil of every-day wonders.

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